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Confirmation Retreats

6th Grade Science & Nature Camps

8th Grade One-Day Retreat

Jr High Camp

Music Camp

High School Camp


Jr High Spiritual Retreat

High School Spiritual Retreat

Young Adult Retreat

Women’s Retreat

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Advent Retreat

Middle School Retreats and Camps

STYCC is dedicated to serving our Catholic school youth in the Diocese of Fresno. In addition to our 6th grade Science and Nature Camps, we offer 8th grade retreats, a junior high summer camp, open houses, and will soon offer 7th grade retreats.


Middle School Open House:

This free Open House is for Catholic Schools that have not yet experienced our wonderful retreat center. Join us for a tour, activities for students, Q & A, and a tasty lunch.


Summer Camp:

A Catholic Retreat Experience for Middle School Youth – STYCC invites all Jr. High youth to experience a high energy, eat till your full, fun till you drop Jr. High summer camp. This camp is for all Jr. High youth who love the outdoors and want to enrich their Catholic faith. This camp involves live music, skits, dynamic programming, swimming, hiking, liturgy, basketball, creative arts and more!

Spanish Retreats, Youth Rallies, and More

It is estimated that 75 percent of the Diocese of Fresno Catholic population is Hispanic. In order to serve the many Spanish-speaking youth groups and youth leaders in our Diocese, STYCC offers several events in Spanish. Please contact STYCC for more details.


Youth Rally:

The STYCC youth rally is a festive one-day event open to all young people. Join us for a day of music, praise, speakers, prayer, and food. This day promises to be both inspirational and fun for everyone!


Overnight Retreats:

This retreat is designed for high school youth and will focus on the spirituality of young people. During this retreat, participants will engage in meaningful experiences, fun activities, storytelling, deep discussions, plate-filled meals, and much more!


Leadership Workshops:

Based on the How to Build a Retreat series, STYCC will soon offer leadership workshops in Spanish. These workshops will center on retreat work, the spirituality of young people, and methods for effective youth ministry.


Open House:

STYCC invites all Catholic youth leaders involved in youth-related ministry to join us for our Open House. Join us for a tour, entertainment, Q & A, and tasty food.

Leadership Workshops, Projects, and Retreats

Contributing to the development of youth and adult leaders working with youth, STYCC has designed several ways to assist leaders in retreat work and parish ministry.

How To Build a Retreat (Workshop Series):

Retreats hold the promise of providing young people with a genuine experience of their own connectedness to God, each other, and the faith community. Yet, to plan a retreat is a major undertaking, and we often feel like we just don’t have enough to make it happen. Well, the truth is that together we have enough!

STYCC offers workshops that focus on innovative methods for retreat work, involving practical and effective ways to piece together the segments or blocks that make up a whole retreat. The How to Build a Retreat series looks at the power of retreats by providing actual retreat experiences mixed together with How To workshops. Together we will explore storytelling, designing experiences, and creative ways of expression, dialogue, and reflection. STYCC encourages retreat teams to attend, including potential youth leaders. This series includes the following workshops: The Power Use of Bible Stories in Retreat Work; Creating Powerful Retreat Experiences; and Creating a Powerful Soundtrack for Retreats. Keep in touch to hear about future workshops.


Youth Leadership Project

The Youth Leadership Project is designed to provide young leaders, ages 16-24, with the opportunity to express their own stories and connect their stories to the stories of our God, our Catholic faith, and the faith community.


Leadership Retreats:

STYCC will soon offer Leadership retreats for high school youth (and for junior high youth in the coming years). These retreats will seek to develop youth leaders using models based on the spirituality of accompaniment, the see-judge-act process, narrative theology, and the arts. The summer Leadership retreat (2015) will be connected to the Youth Leadership Project and will center on the spirituality of accompaniment and storytelling. Check back with us for more details.


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Located on twenty-five acres at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Sequoia National Park.

Phone: [ (559) 561-1038 ]
Email: [email protected]

43816 Sierra Dr.
Three Rivers, CA 93271

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