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Partnership Program

The STYCC Partnership Program is designed to accompany our Catholic faith communities in building local leaders through retreat work. For under-resourced Catholic parishes, STYCC will work closely with the DRE, Youth Minister and/or volunteer Youth Leader to create, plan and implement a retreat specifically designed for the young people of that parish community.
The STYCC Partnership Program will involve partnership in creating a retreat, training, education, opportunities to gain experience, co-facilitation of retreat, and ongoing interaction with the community. Designated STYCC staff will meet regularly with designated potential leaders (youth, young adults and adults) from your parish, along with the DRE, Youth Minister and/or volunteer Youth Leader. These meetings will take place at the parish and at STYCC, distance permitting.  In Pastoral de Conjunto fashion, the designed retreat will be co-facilitated by STYCC staff and the newly formed parish leadership team. Together all involved will provide a quality retreat experience for the young people of your community. After the retreat, STYCC staff and the parish leadership team will meet to evaluate the retreat experience and strategize ongoing interaction and leadership training opportunities.

The STYCC Partnership Program will benefit the parish community by providing training, experience, and accompaniment to emerging leaders. These leaders will then be equipped to serve the ongoing parish ministries to young people, and the planning of future retreats and events. These leaders may also assist neighboring parishes that are in need of experienced retreat leaders and ministry leaders. By joining parishes together, our local leadership core will expand and the needs of our young people will be able to be effectively addressed through a multi-parish effort.

COST: The nominal cost for the STYCC Partnership Program varies according to the needs and resources available to the parish. Fees related to this program include transportation, materials, preparation time, and possible stipends for non-STYCC staff.

Summary of Partnership Program
– Includes designing retreat together with parish team
– Includes training of leaders from parish (at least 2 leaders from parish per 20 youth)
– Includes 2-4 training sessions at parish (and possibly at STYCC)
– Includes 1-3 facilitators provided by STYCC (depending upon size of group)
– Includes co-facilitation by STYCC and parish of the actual retreat

We request a Partnership Program fee of ________ from the parish, which will cover the costs related to STYCC team ongoing interaction with the community such as travel, gas, meals, materials and time. The cost does not include the normal per person cost for the actual retreat, nor does it include materials for the actual retreat.

ARE YOU READY! To start the process, please either complete an inquiry form, email us at or call 559-561-4595. We are eager to work with you and your community.

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